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Truly Asia - (hmmmm …. Still thinking if this is an apt description )

all seasons in one day 28 °C

TOUCHDOWN KL - Watched the most beautiful sunrise from the plane :) And these Malaysian Airlines people know how to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Now don’t get me wrong, it might just have been the pilot for the day who was so eloquent (which means his gesture was note-worthy) - the reason being, as we were descending to Kualalampur , the pilot informed “Ladies and Gentlemen, its sunrise over beautiful Malaysia. If you are visiting us then we welcome to our country and if you are Malaysian - THEN WELCOME HOME !!!! “(I had tears in my eyes when I heard that). I cannot imagine the times when I have returned back to my homeland and nobody has bother telling us that. Nice touch don’t you think ??
Good Morning malaysia

Good Morning malaysia


We caught our transportation and were swiftly driven towards KL (Trivia: The airport is 60 kilometers away from the city )

Now for everyone who pictures Malaysia in their head, Kuala Lampur in particular, the first thing that pops into the mind are the Patronas Towers and YES, the towers dominate the city skyline, but does not mean you get to see it from everyplace in KL. We were lucky to get a room with one of the most beautiful views of the Patronas Towers and the Minara - wowieeeeee!!!

Now the fun part of my trip lasted 4 days ,so will bifurcate it the same way

Day 1:
First Stop: FOOD and we decided CHINATOWN was the destination to start off our gastronomic adventure. We did something very local, we hopped onto a bus, bought tickets for 1Malaysian Ringgit (RM) and got dropped off at Chinatown. Our stomach’s were collectively shouting their displeasure, so we decided to pay heed and put their complaints to rest…. AND HOW!!!
DSC00222.jpg DSC00226.jpg

Note to self - ALWAYS CHOOSE FOOD ON STICKS. Now they come at varying prices, the duck was 2.5RM, Chicken 2RM, OCTOPUS - 5RM. It is served two ways - Barbecued or Steamed. We chose to get them barbequed. We loved it and went back for another round of "food on toothpicks" (as I conveniently chose to call it ) ….Tried Claypot Rice and proclaimed that I could have gone to heaven that instant - Love love loved it!

Now that the stomach was put to rest , we kicked of the next important to-do-item on the itenary - SHOP. Now I’ve seen imitation wallets, bags, satchels in Thailand, but the quality of stuff in Malaysia is far superior

Found the coolest hoard of T-shirts ever, including stores that sell vintage T-shirts. Cash is the only accepted mode of payment and HAGGLING is the only way the game can be played :D - So guess what, we haggled our collective hearts out. Imitation designer shoes, watches, bags, jewellery, belts and trendy clothes, Oh so much to buy and so little money :(

DAY 2:

Destination : GENTING HIGHLANDS ….
Its about an hour and a half drive from Kuala Lampur.The change in terrain, climate and skyline is drastic. You can reach the place by either of 2 ways - Cable Cars or by Winding Roads. We decided to get to the Genting Highlands by Cable cars. I am scared of heights so it goes without saying that I was freaking out quite a bit when 6 of us piled into the cable car, but then I saw that the view that immediately put all my fears to rest. The sight of the natural valleys and high hills shrouded in mist and as you go higher up and the rain forest beneath your feet, is truly BREATHTAKING.

We stayed at the World’s Largest Hotel - First World with 6118 rooms. The waiting area has more than 50 counters to help you check in, but be warned, this is a tedious part and it takes anywhere between 2 to 4 hours to get you checked in. The hotel management is quite intelligent and has arranged for live entertainment at the waiting area Clowns, Street dancers etc.

The rooms are not impressive and in the effort to pack as many rooms as possible ended up in making them minuscule. They do not even offer complimentary WATER !!! The 8th floor of the hotel connects to the mall and what a mall it is. Toy Trains, shopping mall , karaoke Bars , Ripleys Believe it or not museum , haunted houses - everything packed into the mall :D
and before I forget - CASINOS TOO. The guys wanted to hit the slots immediately, but we girls went shopping 

We went back, left our loot in the room and went to the Ripleys Museum and it qualifies as one of the more interesting hours I have ever spent.

Next stop : CASINOS.
It was the first time I ever entered a casino and I think I finally understand the draw that gambling holds. We decided to try the casinos at the other hotel too …We had to take a shuttle to that hotel that runs every half hour between the hotels ..

The food scene in Genting is terrible to say the least. (Trivia : Alcohol is extremely expensive in Malaysia .. A 650ml bottle of Carlsberg costs 20RM.. almost 3 times its original price, so we bought alcohol at duty free shops at the airport and kept it with us through the duration of the trip…. ) If you wake up early enough to watch the sunrise (or in our case, you could stay up late enough to see the sun rise) - The sight is unbelievable. large_IMG-20120407-00383.jpg

DAY 3:
Theme Park in the facility
I've been to Disney so I'll not compare. But its quite nice.

We drove back to KL almost feeling like we were KL natives who had gone to Genting on vacation. Already felt like KL was growing on us.

We got back to KL and had the most lovely Indian dinner at the Grand Seasons. There’s a lovely Indian restaurant at the hotel.

Day 4:

EASTER. We knew we had to go see the Patronas Towers atleast on this day.
But first we had to do one last bit of shopping. Anna our lovely Malaysian friend took us to the Central Mall and we girls shopped to our hearts content, brooches, clips, chinese fans, oh soo much lovely stuf :D. Interesting fact - This market has been in existence since 1888 - WOW!

Chinatown closes by 3PM on Sundays and we didn't have a clue about that. Our transport arrived and we went to the Minara Tower which has the observation deck built to see the Patronas towers ,the observation deck is at a height of 286 meters and the 360 degree views of Kuala Lampur and beautiful. This is truly a beautiful city.

In the midst of all this, we never did one thing that we all had wanted to do all along - Visit the Patronas Towers … With only 5 hours left to take-off, we had to leave for the airport.

I’ve been a life long fan of graffiti, so when Abhay saw a wall full of graffiti at an open car park we stopped the van and jumped out to make pictures ….. and guess what we saw to our left as we were sprinting towards the graffiti filled wall


THE PATRONAS TOWERS!!! It was a coincidence like no other and so we did get to take pictures with the towers after all.


Ofcourse we took pictures with the the backdrop of those grafitti filled walls. What fun, everyone was captured in various stages of flight.


We were toooo excited even after we boarded …. Marel and me watched a movie …..while the boys downed 5 whiskeys each …. We spent the remaining flight walking to each others seats and having an unusually mad time. Will never forget A reminding J to check if the parachute was where it was supposed to be and repeating the Oxygen mask instructions to him :D

We landed in India and I held my breath as the captain started announcing the descent AND NO …….. Our pilot never said anything remotely sounding like “Welcome Home” :(

Till I get another stamping on my passport … C ya :)

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