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February 2016


– a picturesque medieval Swiss town

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Stepping out of the train station, the first very sight Lucerne awards is almost picture perfect - with the Swiss Alps in the background, the Reuss flowing beneath your feet, the swan filled impossibly blue Lake Luzern and the ancient wooden bridge adorned with flowers.


The Chapel Bridge (called Kappelbruke by the Swiss) is a beautiful covered wooden footbridge built during the Middle Ages right in the centre of the town diagonally across the Reuss River. It is decorated with pretty flowers at its side and is the oldest surviving wooden bridge. The whole area seems to be very popular with tourists who seem to spend most of their time enjoying the view, sipping wine and tucking into delicious fare at any of the numerous lake-side restaurants. Enjoyed taking a walk across the Chapel bridge and found out a great deal about the history of this town.


Another unique feature of the Chapel Bridge are the paintings under its roof that depict scenes from Lucerne's history and date back to the 17th century. Apparently many of the paintings were destroyed along with most of the bridge in a fire in 1993 post which the bridge was re-built. Apparently people from around the world sent pictures they had taken of the Chapel Bridge during their visit so that it could be re-built to the most minute detail.


A little way away, up the river is a second covered wooden bridge called the Spreuer Bridge which is smaller and less adorned than the Chapel Bridge, but what sets this seemingly normal bridge apart are the paintings that adorn the roof of this bridge. There are a series of 17th century plague paintings titled "The Dance of Death" which depict skeletons and soul reapers in great detail and is intended to highlight that there's no place on land or at sea where death isn't present and that that every second brings us one step closer to death.

The old town (as is with the Old Town part of most European cities) has a rich historic feel to it. There is enough to engage your interest and pique your curiosity including the architecture, great cafes, clock stores that house thousands of those beautiful cuckoo clocks that are synonymous with Switzerland and some quaint shopping outlets. The town square is a very pretty compete with the town hall tower, a pretty fountain, tiny lane-ways, old buildings, cobblestone streets and houses with beautiful painted façades.

large_IMG_20150909_201244.jpg large_IMG_20150911.jpg

One of the most interesting sights during my walking tour was the Needle Dam that was constructed in the 1850's to govern the level of Lake Luzern. This dam consists of a series of long narrow paddle boards (known as “needles”) that are inserted vertically side-by-side to form a wall. These needles are increased and decreased in number to control the level of the lake and I was lucky enough to have been around to see them add a few needles to this ancient machine.


Lucerne according to me was perfect for wandering about even though I didn’t step inside a single landmark.

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