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Sanibel Island - Captiva

West coast of Florida


Sanibel - Captiva Islands

March of 2007 was an extremely beautiful month (meaning that we were yet to see the temperatures rising to the 90s across the coast of Florida). We left Orlando and drove all the way to Fort Myers — our destination was 14 miles west of Fort Myers, off the coast of the southwestern shore.


It’s known as one of the best places to go shelling in the United States. As we drove , we passed the St. Petersburg sunshine skyway bridge... The drive was a very nice.
At the far eastern tip of the island you’ll find Sanibel’s sole lighthouse—a conical tower of wired steel. I read that the purpose of the lighthouse being made entirely of metal is so that coastal winds can blow through. I didn't spend much time here as the adjacent beach was unbelievably gorgeous.
The entire experience felt therapeutic and throughout the time I was here, I behaved like I was on a mission "to find shells",unfortunately I wasn’t alone. People come from miles around just to comb the island’s beaches. The beach is great for walking. The sand is completely white and very fine ..... But I guess that's because the shells turn into powder over time and they become one with the sand ...... Never realised that just searching for shells would be such a calming experience... I searched for hours ... it was so much fun searching for shells as new ones rolled in with the surf.


I heard from a local that a lot of jewel designers and fashion designers come to Sanibel because there are so many combinations of colours to be found in these shells that they draw inspiration from them .... I guess one of nature's marvels.

Overall incredibly calm, relaxing and very kid friendly island .....One one my favourite beach vacation spots ever :) and that's quite a big statement to make, considering I get to see Miami's beach every other day.

Next we drove over to to Captiva which is the very picture your imagination forms when you think of beach town .... As we drove through its quiet roads, I had this urge to just forget that there was a world outside and just stay there for like here for a month .... hmmm someday hopefully ;)


More than 2 miles of pure white sand is the first thing I noticed when we parked the car .. (there is a parking fee where a token is issued for you to park for 2-3 hours) .

Captiva is north of Sanibel island which is connected to Fort Myers by a three-mile-long causeway. I saw a lot of shell stores and noticed a lot of people biking through the beach town ....I also saw people fishing on the T-dock (fishing equipment can be rented apparently), also passed a nature centre, watched kid’s laying games barefoot and passed an arcade. It is a very quiet place overall..... The island is the very picture of what an ideal beach town is supposed to look like.

Great for watching the sun go lower over the horizon and set for the day. I did not get to spend a lot of time here ... just about an hour and a half .... but it will be a place I will remember forever .... Would love to go and spend some more time here ... :)


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Trip to Disney World

A childhood dream fulfilled at last...


Orlando Florida

I guess every child fantasizes about visiting DISNEY... this fantasy was especially big with me since it goes without mentioning that I am a cartoon freak ..... According to Shw (one of my best pals) ..I make any person feel that their life is as empty as a man's breasts if they haven't read or watched any of the cartoons I watch or read the prince-swept-the-pricess-off-her-feet kinda stories ...... ;)

So guess what seeing Mickey-Minnie, Donald-Daisy, Cinderalla, Snow White and every Disney character I have loved felt like for the 6 year old me..... "pure unadulterated heaven" ..... :) :)

Got off to a great start, drove my Wolkswagen Passat all the way from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando in 4 hours flat ....that's about 300 miles!! ... started fairly early about 6 in the morning on 31st December 2006...so was feeling all happy when we got to the hotel .....
When we started, towards Disney the traffic suddenly got chaotic ...it was then that realisation sunk in as to how many people would be there to reel in 2007 ..... I read later that there were more than a 100,000.... :(
Parked the car and got into a waiting ferry to take us across to the main Disney area. The view from a distance itself was awesome .....
DSC01088.jpg waltdisney.jpg

Got off along with thousands of people and started walking ... the first thing I saw was Walt Disney holding his favourite creation and at the backdrop the Cinderella castle ..It was every bit as beautiful as what I had imagined ...
Saw all the Disney princesses performing and MICKEY AND MINNIE (the cutest couple ever)
minnie.jpg DSC01109.jpg

Splash Mountain(my very first roller coaster): Got soaked. Was screaming my gut out ... got teased that I was being such a baby ... but I was terrified even of this 60 foot roller coaster ... :(

After this entire experience I was ravenously hungry ...decided to get some dinner before the Fireworks started at midnight.
The castle was lit up at this point and it looked lovely .... The food in Disney is bad if not anything else ... even the Chinese food is terribly bland ... left more than half of it on the plate ...went and got myself a cup of coffee from Starbucks ..found a few magnets embossed with Disney characters to put on my fridge door ... (memories of good times ... :) .. )
Walked over to the castle just as the fireworks were about to begin but didn't find a place close enough to the castle ...it was jam-packed .... Then the fireworks began ... what a show ...for 20 minutes before the midnight the sky just lit up to fireworks synchronized to some amazing music .....
IT WAS 2007 .... the fireworks continued for another 15 minutes ...

It was then that I realised that my feet were hurting ....standing and walking the entire day .... Carried my shoes and walked all the way back to the ferry bare foot ......I dont even remember the drive back to the hotel, let alone getting into bed .... was that exhausted .....

Every child dreams about visiting Disney .... at 23 years ...my dream was fulfilled ........ :)


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